How To Keep That Travel Cold At Bay- Create Your ‘Travel Immunity Booster Kit’

How To Keep That Travel Cold At Bay- Create Your ‘Travel Immunity Booster Kit’

Nothing ruins a good trip by coming down with a cold and bringing it home with you. It’s a gift from traveling that no one wants.

Unfortunately here I am with a pile of used tissue to my left, an essential oils diffuser to my right, and a glass with vitamin C in my hand. Yep, I got a cold after a little tiny weekend trip.

So often we think, “oh it’s just a weekend, no problem. I’ll just throw some clothes in a bag, grab some snacks, and a water bottle and I’m off!”. And honestly, that might be totally fine, most of the time. But sometimes it is not.

And this past weekend was not.

Looking back I made some solid mistakes.

  • I ate too much sugar. Sugar lowers immunity (check out this article to learn more on how and why). Even though I did bring some healthier snacks for the long drive, I also brought just too many sweet snacks. Long drives are notorious for mindless snacking and low self-control, as it seems we use it all up just to keep still for so long. I think a better balance would have been a few less sweets and more carrots!
  • I didn’t drink enough water. When driving for 6 hours with 4 other people, you don’t want to be the one that has to make everyone stop every other hour to go to the bathroom. So, I usually intentionally don’t drink enough water. But there are ways to keep from getting too dehydrated. I could have drank water with hydrated chia seeds before departure (hydrated chia seeds help keep up hydration), eat water rich foods like fruit, carrots, and celery while driving as a healthy snack, drink a whole water bottle upon arrival and continually while at the destination, and do the reverse on the way back (the hardest part). All simple things that can easily become a mindless habit after a few times of conscious implementation.
  • I didn’t bring an Immunity Booster Kit. We are just coming off summer, where colds are few and far between, so it didn’t even cross my mind to prepare. But school is in session and germs are getting all mixed and mingled! I am now inspired to create a ready made travel Immunity Booster Kit that I can just grab and throw in my bag for long or short trips. What is in it? Keep reading…

The Travel Immunity Booster Kit

This kit is for:

  • When you are in car with someone who says, ‘I think I am getting a cold’.
  • Anytime you are on an airplane.
  • When you go to a conference and the person next to you is sick.
  • When you feel that tickle in the back of your throat after a long bus ride.
  • School is in session.
  • It is winter.
  • Really whenever you feel you need to bring in the reinforcements.


  • Elderberry Lozenges. These lozenges are my favorite quick, easy, and tasty preventative measure for avoiding a cold. Anytime I feel a hint of a cold, I pop one of these a few times a day. Elderberry is a natural immune booster, contains high amounts of antioxidants, and has been know to shorten the duration of flus and colds. (Check them out here.)


  • Vitamin C Packets. Whether it’s EmergenC or Effer-C (I like these because they are sweetened with stevia not sugar) being able to throw back some quick vitamin c in a restaurant, throw in your water bottle, or in a glass at the bar is key.


  • Zinc lozenges. While not a preventer of a cold, it can possible help shorten the duration if taken at the first sign of symptoms. There is a lot of controversy on how much and which is the best way to take zinc for a cold. Educate yourself further if you want to add this to your kit. Read more about zinc for colds here.


  • Nasya Oil. Nasya is an Ayurvedic remedy for keeping healthy sinus passages. This is an oil to use to prevent getting sick, as it’s not to be used once you have a cold. This sesame oil with herbs is an effective treatment for keeping the nasal linings moist and healthy. A perfect preventative action to take after breathing in that dry airplane air. Tilt your head back and add 2-3 drops into each nostril. Let it drip back into your nose. Chill for a few minutes. (Read more here.)


  • On Guard Oil. A little vial of this potent mix of essential oils (orange peel, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary) that cleanse the air and help build immunity can go a long way. Dab on your collar, scarf, or under your nose for clean, breathable air and/or put a drop in a glass of water (a little goes a long way). Look out for a future interview with Renee a former professional skier who always travels with a scarf with a dab of On Guard.


  • Gypsy Cold Care and Throat Coat Tea. Hot liquids can be so soothing on a sore throat and especially these teas formulated to soothe and heal. If you’re out on the town and didn’t bring your teas, a nice hot glass of water and lemon juice can be ordered at pretty much any bar or restaurant for a beneficial, soothing beverage.


  • Raw Honey Sticks. Utilize the antioxidant, antibacterial, and antimicrobial benefits of raw honey to help boost your immunity, soothe a sore throat, and help fight the cold. Add honey to a cup of hot water with lemon. Note that pasteurized honey does not have the same beneficial effects as raw. Obtain local honey sticks from your farmer’s market or health food store.


  • Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer. Now I am not the biggest fan of hand sanitizer, but when you are breathing the same air and touching the same surfaces of many people (in the air or on the road), having a quick, easy, delightful way to kill some unwanted bacteria is necessary. Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer (and Fair Trade Certified) smells so wonderful, everyone on the plane will be grateful and everyone in the car will want to use it!


  • Rest. This easy to pack item (it takes up no space!!!) is probably the most important. Creating some space in your trip and when you get back to get some solid rest is crucial to boost your immunity. Often we seem to get sick just because we haven’t allowed ourselves to stop, then once we do, the cold comes full on forcing us to a halt. If we allowed ourselves to give our bodies time to recover more often, it is very possible we would get sick less.

There you go. Now you can create your own Travel Immunity Booster Kit to keep already packed in your luggage- so long travel colds!!!


What would you put in your Travel Immunity Reinforcement Kit??? Please share with us your super secret cold remedy!!! I won’t tell…


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