Quick Healthy Travel Trip: Pre-Make Your Breakfast for Work-Travel

Quick Healthy Travel Trip: Pre-Make Your Breakfast for Work-Travel

Traveling can make our mind foggy and lower our energy levels which makes getting work done a challenge. Get your mind functioning right and boost your energy levels while traveling for work by adding in a simple healthy travel habit: pre-make your breakfasts.

This is an easy step that can ensure that you get at least one great, nutrient dense meal in per day that supports you staying strong throughout the day.

I did this recently while traveling for work and it was so simple and easy, and with excellent results.

I was teaching all day and starting early at a high school and I was staying with friends in various houses. The school was 4 hours away from my home and I would return home each weekend. Each Sunday before I left I would pre-make smoothies for 3-4 days (however long I was gone for) in separate jars with lids. I froze all of them except the one for that morning. When I left, I grabbed a cooler, threw them in with some other healthy snacks (nuts, fruit, bars, etc…) and got on the road. When I arrived, I put them in the fridge (not freezer, you want to be able to eat them when you need to).

So often we go out to eat when staying at friends’ houses because it’s hard to bring everything we need to make a good meal. It can also feel awkward rooting around someone else’s kitchen. And for this trip I had to get up really early and I didn’t want to wake everyone in the house searching for ingredients and doing dishes. All I had to do was open the fridge, get in the car and drink it on the way to school. There is no way I could have found as nutrient-dense a food in their kitchen or in a cafe (my smoothies are pretty nutrient dense). Most cafe options are breakfast sandwiches or parfait, this just doesn’t work for a gluten and/or dairy free individual.

Overall, I saved time, money, was a better guest by not waking up my hosts, and had at least one solid healthy meal every day.

This could also be done for air travel and hotel stays. Pre-make the smoothies without the liquid and put into mini-plastic bags. Bring a smoothie cup or jar (I use a lightweight plastic one with a lid). If staying in a hotel, call ahead to see if they rent out blenders or bring a small immersion blender (checked luggage only). Or go super simple and just bring nutrient dense packets (read more in this blog) and a solid green protein powder, add liquid into your vessel and shake it up to mix.




Do you pre-make your meals at home or while traveling? Do you have any tips to share?

Need some smoothie recipe ideas?

  • Read what I put in my smoothies here (although I do change my base ingredients up)
  • This website: breakfastcriminals.com has some excellent ideas for tasty, healthy smoothies!


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