Holiday Gift Guide For The Healthy Traveler

Holiday Gift Guide For The Healthy Traveler

Give some adventure inducing gifts this year!

I have always loved the holiday season, but I never realized the full purpose of it until I spent a late fall in New Zealand. A late fall in New Zealand means a time where the days are getting shorter and colder but in May and June and therefore no Christmas. No lights. No cozily decorated houses, shops, or streets. Just dark, looming, and depressing days without a warm, fun holiday to get you through the most challenging time of year. Fortunately, New Zealand is awesome and because it was new to me it was still amazing, but fall without a holiday is tough. 

So I get it now.

Christmas, Hanukkah, and Diwali (even though it is earlier in the fall) are the festivals of lights. They get us through the darkest days of the year (that is of course if you are in the Northern Hemisphere). And they give us something to think about, an excuse to put up more lights, to drink hot chocolate, and to go shopping.

The light decorations keep it bright for us during this time while the gift shopping and giving can keep us warm.

I know, shopping for the ones we love can be stressful, but it can also be warming to keep them present in our mind and hearts while pondering over what they will enjoy. What if we shifted our experience of gift shopping this holiday season from stress to enjoyment? And if you happen to have a traveler in your family, I have you covered to not only support their travel habit, but also keep them healthy while they are at it.

Would any of your traveling loved ones enjoy any of these healthy travel gifts? (click on the picture to purchase on Amazon.)

Healthy Travel Holiday Gift Guide

1. Travel Yoga Mat. No one wants to sit and stretch on an airport or hotel room floor. Bringing a super lightweight yoga mat will inspire not only more child’s poses and spinal twists, but also is great for getting in a quick circuit workout while away from home.

2. Scarf. Support your traveling friend by not only upping his/her travel style, but also improving the travel experience, as they can be used as an aromatherapy diffuser. Dab a few drops of lavender essential oil on to the scarf to support relaxation during a flight, peppermint to keep you awake while on a long road-trip, or some OnGuard oil (see #3).

3. OnGuard Oil. Have an aunt who travels a lot and always gets sick? Grab a bottle of the DoTerra essential oil blend of wild orange peel, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. This blend will keep her immune system strong while keeping the air she breaths on a flight fresh and clean.

4. Shea Butter. We all struggle with staying hydrated while traveling. Not only do we need to drink more water, we also need to keep our skin’s hydration game on-point. There are many nice lotions out there, but nothing is as deeply hydrating as pure shea butter.  Pure shea butter is free from chemicals, additives, and preservatives that soak into our skin, our largest organ. It is also a great post sun lotion, as it helps sooth sunburns, and it supports healing of stretch marks, scars, and burns. Everyone will enjoy this gift.

5. Natural Sunscreen. Speaking of sunburns, avoid it by wearing some natural sun screen. I am a major advocate of not getting cancer (I’m looking at you regular sunscreen) while trying to avoid it. Seems like a no-brainer to me. Note: Mineral sunscreen can often have a white residue. To avoid being totally ghoulish on the beach apply at least 20 minutes before you get out in the sun and in the water to allow it to properly soak in (its like stirring the peanut butter- both are worth it for your health, believe me).

6. Trigger Point Ball. Traveling can be hard on the muscles, especially our feet, back and neck. Give your traveler friend this awesome ball to give a little love to the muscles that keep her/him moving while taking up little space in the suitcase.

7. Immersion Blender. Yes this has to go in checked luggage, but for the smoothie lover, it is a must. This compact little blender is amazing for making those green smoothies wherever you are. Just throw greens, fruits, superfoods, and liquid in a cup or jar, blend up and bam! One less meal to worry about.

8. SteriPen- water purifier. You wouldn’t want your loved one coming home with a parasite would you? No, no you don’t. This nifty travel sized gadget will keep him/her hydrated and healthy. Read more about this water purifier here.

9. Water Bottle. How are people still traveling without one of these? Everyone needs a good water bottle. Best for travel is one with an interior lip (less exposure to germs), insulated for hot or cold beverages, and 20oz or more. Bonus gift! Share this quick tip: Fill up your water bottle up before you leave home. Drink the water in the security line. Refill on the other side and again on the plane. Stay hydrated people! Your gift recipient will enjoy their travels so much more without the grumpiness, lethargy, and dizziness associated with dehydration.

10. Fitbit- movement tracker (and more). It is easy to lose track of our movement while traveling. Often we do more than we think, and sometimes we do less. Keep your traveling family member accurately accountable at home and on-the-go with this lightweight movement and sleep tracker.

Stocking Stuffers

1. Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer. This hand sanitizer is a boon to anyone who uses it and whoever is around them. It smells incredibly good. (Go ahead an buy one for yourself too and throw it into your stocking, no one will know.)

2. Japanese Can Opener. Have a vegetarian in the family? Sometimes the best healthy option traveling is a can of beans. Ahh but how do you open it? A Japanese can opener. Check these fun little guys out! (Also a checked luggage item.)

3. Travel Journal. Tracking what we do, our healthy travel goals, and our experiences is super helpful to stay healthy while traveling. It also keeps a record for our next trip so we can continue and build on our healthy habits, travel tricks, and packing recommendations.

4. Green Goo- First Aid. I am all about the goo. Have a friend traveling somewhere warm? Somewhere with lots of bugs and sunshine? This is the gift for them. This first aid ointment can be used for cuts, burns, bug bites, and sunburn. Why have different balms for each? Just bring this one and have it all. 

5. Merino Wool Socks. Keep your feet warm. A big rule of survival. And life enjoyment. And comfort. And airplanes are cold. Need I say more?


Do you have any healthy travel holiday gift ideas? Do share in the comments below!!! 


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