“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

One day I was preparing for a long trip (about 5 weeks long), and I wondered, “how will I be able to keep up the healthy habits I have worked so hard on in my daily life while traveling?” Things like exercising, flossing, eating greens, taking supplements, drinking water, meditating, getting quality social connections as well as alone time, you know, all the actions we do to make us feel happy and whole. I know from past travels that I have let a lot slip. I also have done well on some things, but finding a balance has always been a challenge.

So I started googling ‘healthy travel habits’, ‘healthy traveling’, ‘how to be healthy on-the-go’ etc… What did I find? Not much. Mostly CDC recommendations on how to not get dengue fever and a few one page blogs by health coaches on their travel experiences, which had a couple good tips. And there were of course a few digital nomads who had tips here and there. But what I didn’t see was one entire site full of insight on how to keep up healthy habits while traveling. Which I thought was weird, I mean, am I the only one who struggles with this?

I can’t be. So what do you do when you see something that doesn’t exist, but should? And you have the experience and (at least some) knowledge to do it?

You create it yourself.

What helped me realized that I needed to create this site was the sudden awareness that I have, as it turns out, done a lot of traveling. Starting when I was 11 traveling with my mom and brother to Nepal, then living and exploring India, multiple trips to Mexico, visiting my brother in Argentina, teaching in New Zealand,  visits to Guatemala, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua, and of course my 2-3 years of working and traveling in various cities in the US. I have experience traveling for work (and the experience of my health falling apart, which actually led me to becoming a health coach, which is a story for another day), traveling for fun, long term travel, short term weekend trips, and family travel. And I of course after all this I have not figured it out.

Finding balance while traveling is hard.

But what were to happen if I combined my travel experience with my health coaching education?

I know I would learn more, be more aware, and would hopefully find my balance more while on-the-go. But the best part is that I could then share my findings here, on this blog, with all of you who are struggling with the same thing. And I could ask other travelers as well and share their healthy habits, because I sure don’t know it all.

So I decided, yes, this is what I will do. And here it is: Healthy Away From Home. A place for you to glean all the helpful information you can find to support you in living a happy and healthy life at home and on-the-go.

Thanks for being here.


Jenna Granger- Health Coach and Wellness Educator

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